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Welcome back Death Before Dishonor ladies and gentleman. We are back in BF3 with a 16v16 scrim tomorrow Friday, July 12th, 2013. Are you ready to dominate the competition once again? I sure as hell am.

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xJolly a posted Jul 1, 12
Please welcome xJolly and ThePartyProbe as new CO's of their respective branch. xJolly will be stepping out of council member position to make a 7 person council.

The new command list:
Marines CO - xJolly
Army CO - ThePartyProbe
Air Force CO - Kokrda
Clan XO - Grapesondrapes
Clan XO - DoctorWired
Clan XO - Rodriguez
Clan CO - Ravage
If you have questions please contact any of us. Thank you.
Kokrda a yay me!
Rowan I hate how you can not read the comments with this background--or be able to change the text color.
Rowan so EXCITED to be UNDER Probe, can't wait for him to command me!
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